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Fire Dog, the Dog with the Burning Ears Afraid of Fire

Dogs of the Galaxies - Fire Dog

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have your ears on fire? The Fire Dog has been on fire ever since he was a pup. No day goes by without the reminder of that awful day, when he was only a few weeks old. He cannot even remember what life was like before disaster struck.

The Fire Dog had just started eating puppy stones, after weaning off milk. But eager as he was to eat what was cooking on the fire, everything went terribly wrong. Probably his inexperience was to blame, or maybe his rumbling tummy caused him to not think clearly. He dipped his head into the pot, smelling the delicious aroma of stewing puppy stones. He took a bite, burned his tongue and suddenly his ears were on fire. He had not realized how his floppy ears had dipped into the flames before his mouth could even reach the food.

Fire Dog panicked and started running in circles, trying to put out the blaze with his tail. Funny enough the burning did not hurt him, but there seemed to be no way to put out the fire. At last he gave up. With flames shooting from his ears, he had to show up for dinner. Everyone thought that he looked quite funny, and giggles made their way through the cloud of smoke that surrounded him.

Ever since the unfortunate event, his flaming ears cause him trouble. He cannot take a bite of food without it tasting burned. Moonstones taste like they have spent the majority of the day in a smoker, and every bite is crisp before it reaches his mouth.

And imagine racing through the galaxy to catch space chipmunks. They make the best playmates for this long-eared friend. The problem is that space chipmunks have the horrible habit of hiding in gas clouds. Kaboom!

To get his ears out of the way, and especially out of his food, Fire Dog has tried all kinds of strategies. Not only did he once tie his ears up on top of his head, at one point he rolled them up like fruit leather rolls. To no avail. To this day he has not been able to find a solution for his long, burning ears.

As you can imagine, Fire Dog is incredibly apprehensive of being around any type of fire ever again. He would rather munch on raw, tasteless moonstones, than take any chances with fire. What part of his body would turn into flames next time? His tail maybe? Or even his belly? Fire Dog is not taking any chances.