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The Triangular Dog That Took a Bite out of a NASA Space Shuttle

Dogs of the Galaxies game

The Triangular Dog is quite a character. He likes playing games, and has a knack for hide-and-seek. Not that he is very good at finding his friends; he is mostly great at hiding. When he tries hard enough, he falls apart and disappears. Only to reappear suddenly somewhere else and scare the living daylights out of everyone.

Disappearing is easiest on a full stomach, but this dog is never satisfied. He eats everybody else’s food whenever he can. The other day he even took a bite out of a NASA space shuttle. To NASA this accident is still a mystery, especially since The Triangular Dog was invisible at the time. Space shuttles aren’t exactly easy to digest, so he will not try that again, no matter how hungry he is. Better stick to the usual diet of moonstones.

The Triangular Dog has over 200 brothers and sisters. He doesn’t even know each one by name. His older siblings make it a sport to eat his food, so it is not surprising that The Triangular Dog does exactly the same to his friends and younger siblings.

One of his buddies really doesn’t get it though. The other day he wondered if The Triangular Dog had eaten a tapeworm. After all, he never seems to get enough food. The Triangular Dog could actually appreciate the idea of a little friend in his stomach, but that’s impossible. Where would this worm be during an invisible episode? Would it just be hanging out in space?

Running is a second favorite way to spend the day. Challenge The Triangular Dog and you are in for the race of your life. But it does not always end well.

Since gravity is not very strong in outer space, it can be problematic to stay in the race. More than one space dog has been lost in the game, never to be seen again. The Triangular Dog however seems to be pretty set on his track, especially when he has had enough to eat. Other dogs really watch out and keep a low profile when The Triangular Dog has had plenty to eat. One time, after having eaten a Chinese space craft full of goodies, he actually knocked a moon out of orbit and that caused some real problems that have not been resolved to this day. The other space creatures never really got over that and are still angry.

Anyhow, this is why they adjusted the game and started racing with a ribbon connecting the dogs. It is quite a responsibility for The Triangular Dog, but it does seem to work. So far nobody tripped, and when no dog gets lost, the game can go on forever. Or, at least until dinnertime.