What the heck is Dogs of the Galaxies?

Dogs of the Galaxies card game

What Dogs of the Galaxies is

Dogs of the Galaxies is a fun card game created by Animatopica, a Michigan, USA based game developer, for people NOT embarrassed…

  • Making weird faces.
  • Uttering weird words, captions or memes to describe faces made by people you know.
  • Emitting strange sounds to mimic those made by dogs from galaxies like Andromeda.
  • (And if they lose a game) wagging the tail while barking “woof”, “woof”.

What Dogs of the Galaxies is not

Okay, we know that there are games steeped in certain ominous culture, where warlocks transfer misty, red spells from the tips of their drawn-swords meant to upend the universe and send foes careening into the black hole; games woven in spaghetti webs of intricate logic that require a deep sojourn into the almost dark side in order to unravel their sinewy threading and explore their foreboding tentacles.

It’s not the kind of card game decipherable by only hard-core, nocturnal owl-type gamers draining shots of whiskey and downing kegs of cold brews deep into the night in smoke-filled, self-quarantine dungeons.

Get all that high falutin point?

Happy to be what it is

If you are looking for the kind of intensity that casts you as a marauding magician, permit us to suggest poker. Dogs of the Galaxies does not pretend to be that. Rather, Dogs of the Galaxies is proud to be a member of the family of card games to play for adults, or teens, or card games for family game nights that can be played with kids.

How challenging?

Dogs of the Galaxies is quite a challenging and competitive game that forces you to be creative and original if you are to win, or at least avoid being that loser that wags the tail and barks “woof”, “woof” to others’ amusement. The only way to win is to outdo other players and achieve the winning points.

So what’s in the cards?

Dogs of the Galaxies has 100 unique intergalactic dogs totally unknown to mankind. Actually, there are 95 unique outer-space dog breed illustrations, plus 5 imaginary dog cards to give players the chance to use their imagination to come up with breeds all their own. Creating 95 unique dogs wasn’t easy, if we must say so ourselves. Forgive us for tooting our horns a little but we are extremely proud of the great job done by our artists. You’ll find the art illustration enchanting, just like collectible cards.

How many players?

Dogs of the Galaxies supports from 3 players to large groups – the more the merrier, actually. You can count on it to as an ice breaker that can add life to your parties and events, be it a gathering of family, friends or co-workers. This is 99.99999999% guaranteed. We leave room for the. 0.0000001% chance that there might still exist a bunch of curmudgeons somewhere impervious to fun.

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