How to play Dogs of the Galaxies Card Game

Feel free to bend or change the rules as you see fit.

Watch our short video to learn.

How to play in a snapshot.

Begin game by choosing someone as the first Dog Breeder.

The Dog Breeder draws a card and, in 30 seconds or less, describes the dog, without showing it to others. For example, he could make up a story about what mischief the dog was involved in minutes ago. Or what trick the dog has up its sleeve right now.

Others then compete to outdo one another by coming up with the weirdest names, captions or memes for the dogs, and sometimes the sounds the dogs make. In captioning the dogs, you may find yourself captioning the weird faces your friends make. Totally fun!

The player with the weirdest or best name, or sound, wins the point(s) for the around (is awarded the card). The next player clockwise becomes the Dog Breeder and the game continues until someone wins. The first player to announce they have 10 points wins the game. The player with the least point(s) wags the tail while barking "woof", "woof".