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Humanoid Dog – the Self-Appointed Keeper of the Peace in the Galaxies

Dogs of the Galaxies card game - Humanoid Dog

Our Humanoid Dog makes sure to keep order in the chaos of the Galaxies. He is the boss, and will make sure that’s loud and clear. No misunderstanding when it comes to who is in charge in, and beyond, the Milky Way. This muscular pumped up giant has everything when it comes to preponderance and authority. He’s got the voice, he’s got the muscles, but he is especially good at mediation and negotiation.

Humanoid Dog spent some time on different planets. Disguised as just another dog, he learned the trade of interplanetary organization. He specialized in dog management, which turns out to be critical in keeping the planets from heading down black holes. Keep the population in check and there’s a bright future on the horizon.

It wasn’t always crystal clear who was in charge in the Galaxies. For many years, dogs did whatever they wanted to do and whenever they felt like it. They were only interested in themselves, often with disastrous consequences for the environment. Packs of dogs of the galaxies clearly needed a leader. When it became clear that the most densely inhabited planet in the solar system was going to be destroyed, Humanoid Dog stepped up and announced that he could not let irresponsible packs of dogs damage space to a point of no return. The story goes that he often chased packs of marauding dogs into an asteroid belt. Only when they agreed to his superiority did Humanoid Dog let them out.

At first he was not appreciated for taking on this role as a leader. Many space dogs were offended, even though they clearly needed help. Humanoid Dog set boundaries, stepped in when there were conflicts and prioritized the health of the universe. Soon, semblance of discipline returned as dogs began to see the sense in his volunteer work.

This is how it has been for as long as everyone can remember. He won’t take no for an answer. He does not have to repeat himself when he asks with a stern voice “who is the boss?” Society goes right back to the peaceful solar system he wants it to be.

If you need Humanoid Dog, you can find him in the gym. Sporting his fancy Speedo, he makes sure to always be in tip top shape. Healthy body, mind and planets are his main philosophy. If you need him to keep order, even when he’s busy lifting weights, just shout and he will be right there, asking any brouhaha originators to “keep it down please”. But when he’s lifting weights, you’d better have a good reason to require his attention, as he takes his physical conditioning seriously.

Apart from chaos generated by Galaxy dogs, Humanoid Dog also gladly interferes when a bunch of space squirrels are squabbling, or when space mice pilfer from puppies, but, luckily, such extra-canine interventions haven’t kept him from his larger mission, although it nearly came to that once.

Last year he almost missed a threatening space cadet invasion when two Gas Cloud birds were quarreling over a nest. Luckily he got on top of the danger just in time, but ever since that event, Humanoid Dog does not play around anymore. He requests respect and immediate response when he’s involved. The dog is well respected in his community, and so far he had been able to keep everything in space in good shape.